Three Types of User Data Storage

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27 Giugno 2024
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The storage of user data is a critical element of providing a great user experience. It contains all the information that a customer downloads to their device to use an app and is protected against unauthorised access. Several different types of user data storage are available, each having its own pros and cons. This article will focus on three specific options for the storage of the personal data of the user that include local storage, session storage, and app data storage.

Local Data room for deal makers Storage

Locally stored data allows apps to run offline, decreasing their reliance on an internet connection. This type of storage is an excellent option for apps that require only a small amount of data to function, such as custom settings. In contrast to other types of storage local data does not persist over sessions and is deleted when the user closes the application.

Session Storage

Similar to local storage sessions-based storage can be an excellent choice for apps needing short-term data storage. Session storage costs less than local storage, and can be used to store data that doesn’t need to be stored for. For instance login credentials or other information that is secured.

App developers can obtain customers’ data in three ways: either by requesting for it or deducing it from the behavior of the user on-site, or by purchasing the data. Customers should be made aware of the ways in which their data will be used and they should have an option to opt out of the collection of their information or rectify any inaccurate information. It is also important to keep data in a standard format that allows for easy integration and exchange.

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