What is a Key Performance Indicator KPI? Guide & Examples

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21 customer service KPIs every support team needs to track

support kpis

He has been cooperating with the FinancesOnline team for 5 years now, and his publications always focus on practical aspects of productivity tools that can have an actual, transformative impact on a company. But if you want more options than what was indicated here, feel free to view our list of customer support software and help desk platforms. And if further training is needed, ProProfs Help Desk has a library of online training materials that they can access anywhere and anytime. Zendesk has long been committed to delivering trustworthy products to our customers and their users. We believe that trust is at the core of all our interactions with our customers.

  • A general positive brand image and high satisfaction score will directly increase your customer retention.
  • Taking this transparent approach to customer service can help you foster trust and advocacy among users.
  • After all, the real power of KPIs, the ones that matter, is their ability to provide insight that informs a team’s strategy and moves them toward success.
  • This KPI can be used to measure the ability of the support department in answering requests in due time.

Escalation rate is the percentage of tickets escalated to someone else like a senior manager or another support tier. It’s a valuable KPI for telling you how many support tickets could not be resolved by your first line of support. Although fast response times are preferred, response quality should not be sacrificed for speed.

Cost Per Resolution

The first response time would be 65 seconds divided by three, or 21.67 seconds. You can calculate this metric by determining the average time to solve all tickets over a specified time range. For example, let’s say you’re calculating the average resolution time for an eight-hour shift. Simply divide the total time needed to solve the tickets by the number of tickets solved. For example, Front measures crucial support KPIs including email volume, CSAT score, resolution time, and response time, as well as other email trends for each rep or across your entire team.

You might also want to measure the number of tickets closed per agent for a certain time period. For example, you could look at the number of tickets each agent is closing per day to spot differences in productivity. You could look at a longer period of time, such as per month, to find which agents are consistently closing more tickets, assuming they each work the same number of hours. Your unresolved ticket rate includes all abandoned conversations, which you read about in the above section.


Average resolution time is the time it takes an agent to resolve a customer issue from when a ticket is opened. When I first started to work at Intercom as a Customer Support Representative (CSR), KPIs were completely foreign to me. I had previously worked in the television and film industry, where there was an entirely different metric – either I delivered high quality work on time or I didn’t, and I was out.

support kpis

This information tells you how your customers prefer to communicate with your business and what channels you should focus on and improve. Look for fewer interactions per ticket, which means that your team is communicating clearly, asking the right questions, and working hard to solve each problem swiftly. If you are able to solve them quickly and support kpis in a satisfying manner, it is a sign of good service. KPI is linked to a target value or goal which provides actionable data so you, or any other stakeholders, can make informed decisions. A KPI gives you insight into how well your team or unit is performing in pursuit of clearly defined team goals and in line with management-defined objectives.

Reducing customer churn is a crucial aspect of business success that requires constant customer engagement to understand and address customers’ issues with your brand and product. It goes without saying that the onus of doing that lies with the customer support team. As the name suggests, these KPIs give you deeper insights into your support team’s performance. Poor team performance can impact customer satisfaction and business goals, such as increasing customer retention and improving operation efficiency. As we just mentioned, tracking a full suite of customer support metrics can also help you find specific areas of improvement. If you don’t keep track of many customer support metrics, you’ll only have extremely high-level impressions and small samples of customer feedback to paint a picture of your strengths and weaknesses.

support kpis

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